by Tanooki Suit

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Produced and Engineered by Chris Curran
All songs written by Tanooki Suit

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released August 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Tanooki Suit Massachusetts

The collective brainchild of Aleksander Kmiec (ex-Therefore I Am) and Tony Langone (ex-Our Lives In Motion).

TANOOKI SUIT is about writing the music we want to write, and having a good time doing it. Nothing more. The opportunity to share our love of music with one another and all of you is reason enough to for us to keep playing.
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Track Name: Bones
This will end in blood
Only these bones can stem this flood

These quiet walls descend into a restless Earth
And build for me this shallow tomb
An empty bed; I toss and turn in tangled sheets
Keep me locked inside my head

I awoke
With nothing more than blood and bones

I've been dying to take this
And cut it to pieces
I can't fight this feeling any longer
It constantly haunts me
And I can't sleep at night
I don't ever want to close my eyes

Who knows what hides within the corners of this space
All the hurt I can't erase
And in my dreams
My teeth fall out
The silence of this room is deafening
I long to scream out loud but always forget to breathe

My pulse; it pushes and pulls
While my heart is skipping beats again
My bones; a prison and a home
And I've never owned the key

The night gets cold
My eyes grow tired and old
And I fall
Like my empty glass of Aperol

And I'll never sleep at night
I'll never want to close my eyes

I'll dig another hole
Bury these bones
Track Name: Hope Rides Alone
I am an unhappy man
I was built with no purpose beyond just to satisfy
The tireless thoughts of these curious minds

But what went wrong
They sought to tear me apart
They tried to stop this mechanical heart of mine
I was never enough to ever be loved in his eyes

Have you forgotten me
Did you erase what you've done
How could anyone
Accept a broken son

Hope rides alone

There's now another one like me
Cradled in my father's arms
Like the golden boy he's built to be
Someday, somehow, someway
I will make them pay for all of his mistakes

What is life
What right has he have to decide
Am I so much of a failure in his mind
I am more than he could ever be
I proudly wear his disgrace

Go on and abandon me
Erase every trace
Set fire to everything

Let the mad doctor rebuild me
There's no going back
Let him arm me to the teeth
I bring hell with me
On broken wings

Is there no joy to be found in this life
I no longer can call it mine
It's no longer mine
Track Name: Kaiju
Sound the alarm
There's been a containment breach
Initiate the lockdown
Terminate the class-D's
Pile bodies, build a barricade
And pray it keeps these things at bay

Don't look away from the sculpture
Just try not the blink
And never avert your eyes
It dresses your neck with its arms
Snaps at the base
Severing your spine

I've never known fear quite like this
If I could forget this all I would

Sound the alarm
I'm not running away from these monsters
I'm arming this bomb underneath
Making peace with the fact this'll be the death of me

This thing just won't stay dead
A thousand eyes grow out the back of its head
You would refuse my gift
Some semblance of peace and warmth before your death

He wears a shadowy shroud
Consuming everything not washed by light
Not even pictures are safe
Don't stare at its face

The size of this sight is expanding
The pen carries your hand as you write
The voice at the end of the phone
Cries to be saved before it's replaced
This room is alive and breathing
Much like this mechanical mess
But who can speak for the thing we forget

Cut all the losses
There's no escaping this
The blood will run like a river of red through these halls
We fight for life and light
But beg for death before the end

I bought all the time that I can
To get you out alive
If you're hearing this
It means that we'll all go down together

Oh captain, my captain

I'm not waiting to die
I've never liked long goodbyes
Track Name: Oh, My Stars
Miles across this state
And hours away
Looking for a reason to sing
Like nobody's listening to me

My dear friend
Oh, how I've longed for us to live again
This distance between us
Has never been to great to keep
Our voices from dancing together

I fall in love with the world all over again
Wrapped in the sound
That's greater than the sum of all our parts
And everything that we were taught

I've put on mileage
Like a Japanese automobile
They tell me

Give it up, give up the ghost
I can't let go, it's all I've ever known
Of life and love and everything that's
Ever meant anything to me

Oh, my stars and garters

What if I were to open my hands
And keep my arms held wide
I would make you believe
That a boy can fly

Oh, my stars
Is a name I won't forget
Track Name: Lordvessel
Well what have we here
Is it a pilgrim from the asylum
Carried aloft
By a friend to our lady of sin
Where to begin

Listen well, boy
There are two bells to ring
The parish above
The blighted bog found deep below
And their guardians
Still thirst for your cursed blood

Drop your sign
For the brothers in need to find

I will walk through the fog
As I welcome death
I will pillage these bodies
I will feed to the fire
These shards of a soul

A magnificent father
In a desperate attempt
To stave off the end of his age

He runs himself hollow
And burns all his knights alive
A shell of his former self
They lock him away
Far beneath this crumbling shrine

A radiant sun
Forged by the feeble hands of a child
Not fit for his throne
A clever deceit
To make everyone believe
The lords haven't left them behind

Like a moth
Flittering towards a flame
Vereor nox

If only I could be so grossly incandescent

I will march through the dark
Like the hero before me
I have died many times
I'm replete with humanity